Cretaceous Swimmers Combo

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Mosasaurus & Spinosaurus 2020

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Lo Deseo
Lo Deseo


Cretaceous Swimmers Combo

Mosasaurus: 70 x 36 x 25 cm (117 pieces)
Level: Advanced

Spinosaurus 2020: 70x26x14 Cm (157 pieces)
Level: Advanced

The Cretaceous Swimmers Combo will transport your mind to the banks of the african rivers 110 million years ago and from there it will take you to the vast oceans of 75 million years ago. It will be very easy for you to imagine how fearsome these leviathans were in the water.

Both models are among the largest in our collection and are of an advanced level. You can display them suspended on their bases or by fine threads included in the package.

This combo brings together a pair of gigantic predators from the Cretaceous period: one fully aquatic, the other with a newfound ability to swim.

The Mosasaurus dominated the seas from Europe, through America to Antarctica, gobbling up its prey at shallow depths. On the other hand, Spinosaurus hunted large fish in the rivers of what is now Africa.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 4.5 cm

1 review for Cretaceous Swimmers Combo

  1. Carlos

    todo un Reto armar estos Modelos.
    Alto nivel al detalle anatomico y al cinetismo de la pieza exelente trabajo

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