Dinosaurs of Argentina Combo

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Carnotaurus sastrei & Giganotosaurus carolinii

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The argentines were born in the middle of a geography with abundant fossil deposits. Its inhabitants have taken advantage of this privileged natural condition and have allowed themselves to cultivate a truly admirable paleontological culture. If you visit Argentina, you will find innumerable museums dedicated to paleontology that make up a tourist route of paleontological museums.

The dinosaurs discovered in these lands are very peculiar. The Dinosaurs of Argentina Combo offers you 2 of the most striking and fearsome theropods of all time: the Carnotaurus sastrei and the Giganotosaurus carolinii.

This pair of carnivorous dinosaurs were surely the top predators of their time and are among the most fascinating creatures ever discovered and described.

If we talk about Carnotaurus, it is the first theropod discovered in which well-formed horns were observed. Its tiny, atrophied “little arms” are also impossible to ignore. Also, it’s the only life form with those impressive caudal vertebrae, just a peculiarly unique organism.

As for the Giganotosaurus, surely its name already gives you an idea of ​​its dimensions. This was literally a gigantic carnivorous dinosaur of the carcharodontosaurid family, a name that refers to its teeth similar to those of sharks. It is estimated that this immense predator could have been even longer than the famous Tyrannosaurus rex, although much less robust than it.

Our Dinosaurs from Argentina Combo is a tribute to the paleontology carried out in this territory. Throughout history, hard work has been carried out with which they have managed to give humanity the knowledge of the existence of life forms like these, which seem to have been extracted from science fiction or fantasy itself.

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