North American Cretaceous Combo


Parasaurolophus & Styracosaurus

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Lo Deseo


North American Cretaceous Combo

Parasaurolophus: 50x17x10 Cm (83 Pieces)
Level: Intermediate

Styracosaurus: 40x23x10cm (143 pieces)
Level: Advanced

With the North American Cretaceous Combo you will have that pair of dinosaurs that could have fascinated you since childhood and that you would like to continue to be part of your life. These two dinosaurs are perhaps the most popular of their families.

On the one hand, we have Parasaurolophus, a charming hadrosaurid with a prominent crest; on the other hand, the Styracosaurus, the ceratopsid with the most striking skull of this numerous and varied family of beaks, horns and frills.

North America is one of the territories on the planet where more fossils have been found and many of them have become so popular that people who do not know about the subject do easily recognize several of the North American species. The Parasaurolophus and the Styracosaurus are within this group of highly popular dinosaurs, probably due to their striking characteristics.

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