Why We Do What We Do

Imagine that you are walking through a wooded area and you come across a frog.

At first glance, if you don’t know much about frogs, you will surely perceive it as one more among many.

Two people with a frog

But if I tell you that…

  • The size of the skeleton of a frog can be very varied depending on the species: it can measure from a few millimeters to as much as 40 cm!
  • Its bone structure is made up of about 30 bones.
  • Its radius and ulna as well as its tibia and fibula are fused to favor movement through jumps.

… surely you will start to see it with different eyes!

You will give it more recognition.

You will give it more value.

We value more what we know

Saltriovenator zanellai Special Edition, exhibited at the Natural History Museum of Milan, Italy

That is why our mission at WONDER Artistic Models is to increase awareness of the forms of life that accompany us.

And how we do it?

Creating 3D Wooden Puzzles that are truly immersive experiences from which you can become familiar with anatomically accurate skeletons
of wildlife using your bare hands.

And thanks to this you will be able to know and admire the beauty and importance of different forms of life that accompany us on this evolutionary path that we travel together!

Simón along with the models released in 2022

Life evolves, and so do we

Our first model kits have been celebrating prehistoric fauna because, like many of you, we have always been fascinated by it and have been the gateway to love of natural life.

But we want to honor many very diverse life forms! Both extinct and present, leaving a special place for those in danger of extinction that need more help from everyone.

Students at the Tagua Tagua Paleontological Congress 2022

So, why do we do what we do?

Because we feel motivated to offer you an invitation to discover the beauty of wildlife through your hands.

We want you to get to know first-hand the anatomical characteristics of their bone structures through a recreational and immersive activity that invites you to practice conscious presence.

That thanks to this you know more about the different species, their intrinsic beauty, their physical characteristics, their enormous value, and even their similarities with our own species.

We want you to feel self-realization when building each beautiful piece of art with your own hands, we want you to be able to contemplate the beauty of wildlife through an artistic piece that you have put together yourself…

And, most importantly, we want this to motivate you to further increase your interest in preserving the wildlife that surrounds us, knowing with certainty how valuable it is.

Welcome to this new journey of celebrating natural life through
Paleo and Wildlife Art!

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