Who are we

At WONDER Artistic Models we are passionate about:

  • Promote self-realization that arises when we build something with our own hands.
  • Communicate scientific findings through entertainment.
  • Create artistic elements that combine the beauty of the lines and forms molded by nature with the precision of the laws of physics.

For this reason, at WONDER Artistic Models we promote scientific communication through innovation, knowledge and the self-realization of those who own any of our creations.

Our motivation
is to offer you paleofauna creations that are
exciting, high level
and that represent you
in an exalted and fair way

Simón Álvarez - Founder

Our models are designed as closely as possible to scientific findings and theories

And to offer a more complete educational experience, in each model we share with our clients the most relevant data and curiosities of each specimen.

Exciting, full of learning and with high doses of self-realization: this is the WONDER experience.

The creations of WONDER Artistic Models will make your mind and body work to achieve the goal of putting them together.

And once you have finished, they will give you a great satisfaction for the result of the effort. You will have an artistic piece that represents a part of your personality very well, that you can exhibit with pride and in whose construction you have participated.

Our greatest motivation is to offer emotion, knowledge and self-realization in a single experience.

Your greatest reward will be to bring to life a beautiful model that will occupy a very special place for you

Why are we called “WONDER Artistic Models”?

“A feeling of wonder and admiration
caused by something beautiful, remarkable or unknown”.

This is one of the meanings of the word “WONDER”.

And it is precisely also one of the main objectives of our creations: to ensure that everyone who obtains a WONDER model lives an exciting and transcendental experience, from the moment this creation reaches their hands for the first time until they build it, give it life and Incorporate into your spaces.

“Artistic Models” complements the central idea of the project.

Simón Álvarez (founder) next to a model of Brachiosaurus

Our models have profound scientific foundations and, at the same time, are essentially artistic.

How was the idea born?

WONDER Artistic Models is a growing company born out from the passion and ingenuity of Simón Álvarez, a venezuelan engineer and designer residing in Chile.

“I always liked to do things with my hands. Since I was a child I waited for the school holidays to be able to have time to work on some invention: as soon as the holidays arrived, I was already staying up late with some project.

Also, since I was a child I was fascinated by dinosaurs and animatronics, so I always wanted to work in a company that was related in some way to these themes.”

At the age of 31, Simón decided to emigrate looking for a better life outside of his native land and arrived in Chile, where he had a difficult start.

Despite these early challenges, Simón always had the need to do something different that was connected to his great passions: design, innovation and paleofauna. And after living for a couple of years in Santiago de Chile, this need became stronger and stronger.

Little by little, his skills and his desire led him to the idea that gave birth to what is now WONDER Artistic Models.

This is how the creation of 3D buildable models of dinosaurs came to fulfill 2 purposes:

  • Respond to Simón’s desire to offer value to the world from his most precious passions.
  • Offer a transcendental experience to adults who, like him, are attracted to paleofauna and who cannot find something that fairly represents that part of them.

When coming up with the idea, Simón was always very clear that it should not be something for mere entertainment, since he knew that there are many beliefs and myths about dinosaurs in popular culture.

Therefore, this product would be ideal both to share his passion with other fans, and to spread well-founded knowledge about each specimen.


What does the future holds?

Behind WONDER Artistic Models there is passion and love for what is done.

This motivates its founder to continue implementing ideas to continue growing hand in hand with the wishes of its customers, who actively participate in the brand’s new releases.

In addition, in this trajectory we have had the participation of exceptional collaborators, who have contributed with their talents to add value to the experience we offer.

WONDER Artistic Models is a growing company that is looking towards expansion, in terms of the number of models and their distribution.

Our models are already in more than 30 countries. And, according to its founder, “this is just the beginning”.