Artistic and Accurate Paleofauna 3D Wooden Puzzles

We don’t make toys, we make paleoart
We create, and you build a museum at home!



Meet our models

Relive prehistoric moments with our combos

Some of our costumers


"This Brachiosaurus exceeded my expectations, I liked how accurate it is."

🦖 Brachiosaurus

Dakota Sullivan

"I like the realism of the WONDER models, they provide a good reference for learning about these creatures."

🦖 Colección completa 🦕


"Very good model, the pieces fit just right, it's fun to put together and they also include spare parts."

🦖 Spinosaurus 2020


"I was expecting a detailed model and when I saw it it was even better than I had in mind."

🦖 Spinosaurus 2005


our core values

  • We are innovators.
  • We want to excite you with each new creation.
  • We create anatomically accurate pieces that represent your love of paleo.
  • We respect the environment
  • Our models do not require glue.
  • Each piece is toxic free.
  • We offer experiences that last over time.
  • Our models adorn your spaces so well that you will want to show them to everyone.

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