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I have been following their work for quite some time and my expectations were very high, especially when it comes to a model like the T. rex DELUXE, in photos it looked incredible and live it is even more so. This is one of those pieces that continue to deliver visual satisfaction for a long time.

I love that it has such precise anatomical features, which is particularly difficult to achieve in a piece of wood of this type.

I will use it to admire and enjoy it, but I do not rule out the idea of using its proportions to guide me in some of my future sculptures.

Tomás Soto Ruiz (Paleoartist)




I first learned about WONDER Artistic Models from a YouTube video and was immediately amazed at how accurate and amazing they looked.

They exceeded my expectations in every aspect! In my opinion the best part was the build process, it was just amazing! It is built piece by piece and then, little by little, everything comes together to form one of the strangest animals in nature.

My new models are a great addition to my prehistoric collection, especially Brachiosaurus and Spinosaurus, this models have a lot of shelf presence!

After all, I can highly recommend WONDER Artistic Models. The models are simply stunning in person and the customer support is some of the best I have ever seen!
Keep up the outstanding job!

Sebastian Sacherer



Fernando Arriaga sent us a testimony from Mexico.

Look at that Brachiosaurus!


When I ordered it, I was expecting a great wooden skeleton model of my favorite dinosaur, but it was beyond my expectations!

I love how compelling it looks given the relatively simple, low-tech construction involved. It will be part of my desk decoration.

Lincoln Baxter


United States of America


I wanted a large sauropod skeleton, because all I can ever find is carnivore ones, and I wanted something of good quality. This Bracchiosaurus exceeded my expectations, I liked how accurate it is. 

What use will I give it? Just to enjoy having!



United States of America


The Parasaurolophus is my favorite dinosaur since I was very young. I was expecting an attractive medium challenge model. When I received it I thought it was a book because it comes in a very practical format. When I opened it and found the templates with the pieces, the fun started immediately. It was much more challenging than I expected, I think I underestimated the level of difficulty.

What I liked the most was the way the pieces are distributed, how they join and structure each other. Also the number of pieces and details, and the “burnt” finish that gives volume and personality to the model. In addition, that it brings a card with information on the species seems to me really good”.

Francisco Almendra Soto




I expected a detailed model and when I saw it, it was even better than what I had in mind, it definitely met my expectations.

What I liked the most is how incredibly detailed the model is. Now I will leave it as a decoration object (one more for my dino collection, this is the most detailed one I have so far).

Alexandra Mora Herrera




When the product arrived I was practically amazed, it was very beautiful.

What I liked the most is the color of the skeleton finish, I think it gives it an old touch; and also, the pose chosen to represent the dinosaur.

I will use it mainly as decoration for my room.

Tomás Labra




I expected a quality product with a good size, and both aspects of the model seemed excellent to me, as well as the tone that the wood acquires due to the cuts.

Although at first I couldn’t understand how to assemble it at first glance, little by little I managed to understand the assembly sequence. It will be on display for visitors in my home.

Manuel Alvarez Tobia



Byron Cimino tells us about his experience with the Stegosaurus model.

Do not miss it!


I was amazed at how detailed and realistic the Tyrannosaurus rex DELUXE is, it just exceeded my expectations.

Its anatomical design is so true to T. rex, it’s like having a miniature dinosaur skeleton in your home. I dare say the models are so realistic that you could even make a giant model for a natural history museum.

I will be using it primarily for decoration, but due to its high quality and anatomical fidelity I could use it in a scientific or educational display.

Julio Ruiz




When I ordered my first models I was worried about the logistics to receive them, but they come in super small but very attractive packaging. Later, when I saw it assembled, I was impressed because given how compact the package is, I imagined that it would be something much smaller, but in the end the models are a good size and look amazing.

What I like the most about the WONDER models is the realism, when you look at them it is easy to have a clearer idea of ​​what the animal looked like. Unfortunately, in my country we do not have a wide variety of fossil exhibits in natural history museums, but due to how detailed they are, with these models one can get a fairly similar approach to what it would be like to observe a real fossil.

The models I had seen so far were perceived as lacking in realism and there was no variety. Now with WONDER Artistic Models it is different, I can have a wide and constantly growing collection. In addition, the attention and closeness that make you feel like a client is very good.

Marcelo Romero Flores (Collector)




I expected to receive a 3D puzzle that could be done as a family and that allowed us to use our hands and ingenuity to put it together.

All our expectations were exceeded. What I liked the most was that it entertains and makes you think a lot. Now it is a decorative element of our home, it is very beautiful displayed.

Kristal Paredes & Alfredo Rosado




It really exceeded my expectations in every aspect, especially regarding the size and detail of the models.

I expected a challenge when putting it together and the truth is that I loved investing each model the time it deserved so that they were perfectly assembled.

The 3 models I have bought from them have met my expectations and beyond…

Catalina Guzmán




I can say that their models are spectacular, they met my expectations by far.

What I liked the most is the detail they give to the models, it’s like having a mini fossil with the smallest detail.

Fernando Orrego Rojas



Felipe Abarca also shares his experience with the Parasaurolophusus model.

Do not miss it!


The detail met my expectations, the model is simply beautiful and I never get tired of seeing it, the faithfulness to the real dinosaur continues to amaze me.

The fit between the pieces is quite tight and I resorted to applying quite a bit of force to make them fit. Due to this, one of the pieces broke, but the model comes with spare parts!

I was a bit stressed while putting it together (perhaps due to my lack of experience putting together wooden models) but I really liked the final result, what’s more, when I can I’ll buy another model!

Vicente Rueda



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