WONDER Artistic Models are considered realistic and accurate expressions of paleoart by scientists around the world,
which makes us extremely proud and motivated.

For this reason we have been invited to different events related to paleontology to share experiences and knowledge about paleoart, this precious expression that combines science and art.

Here we share some of the events in which we have participated:


National Museum of Natural History of Santiago de Chile.
Exhibition "Science and art: the role of dinosaurs"


II Chilean Congress of Paleontology
Tagua Tagua 2022

Simón Álvarez - Founder of WONDER Artistic Models

4th and 5th Paleoart Symposium.
Chilean Society of Paleoart and Communication

Art and science to make the world a better place


We feel proud and grateful to be able to share our experiences in such relevant instances and contribute to deepening scientific knowledge based on our passion.

We deeply believe in the synergy between art and science, and we will continue working to contribute to its development and growth.