Welcome to the tutorial area!

Each WONDER model includes numbered templates and accompanying instructions, so what you receive will be enough to get you started and bring your WONDER model to life with your own hands.

But to offer you extra help, we have created this space for tips and specific suggestions that we hope will be useful for you when you are putting together your models.

This section is growing, so if you can’t find a specific tutorial, don’t worry! Soon we will add more tutorials and recommendations to help you during the assembly.

If the tutorial you are looking for is not in this list and you have doubts about the assembly of your model, contact us through our email (hello@wonderartisticmodels.com) or our WhatsApp (+56977456440) and we will gladly offer you personalized advice on the assembly process of your WONDER model.

General considerations

Welcome to WONDER
Inside the packaging
Assembly types 1: columns
Assembly types 2: single and double ribs
How to build the foundations correctly
Assembly of skulls

Recommendations for specific models

How to assemble the plates of the Stegosaurus
Assembly tutorial: Brachiosaurus
How to arm the defenses of the Mammuthus columbi
Assembly tutorial: Tyrannosaurus rex DELUXE
Assembly tutorial: Carnotaurus sastrei
How to vary the pose of Tyrannosaurus rex DELUXE
Assembly tutorial: Velociraptor mongolensis
Assembly tutorial: Triceratops DELUXE
Assembly tutorial: Dilophosaurus skull
Assembly tutorial: Dilophosaurus skull