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Number of pieces: 83
Dimensions (cm): 50x17x10 – Scale 1:20
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Angle adjustable parts: 4

This model has been exhibited at the National Museum of Natural History in Santiago de Chile.

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Lo Deseo
Lo Deseo


Parasaurolophus was a hadrosaur, herbivorous duck-billed dinosaurs that were abundant during the Cretaceous period. For many years and to this day, it has been one of the most popular dinosaurs, probably because of its tender and elegant shape.

Our model of Parasaurolophus is a faithful representation of the fossils. At WONDER Artistic Models we have added the updates that were made to its spine according to recent research by Dr. Filippo Bertozzo, fully satisfying the most detailed admirers of this beautiful species.

Its neck and jaw are fully articulated, allowing you to pose it in the most striking poses. Without a doubt, it is an excellent icon of these giants of the past, as well as an icon of our brand.

Number of pieces: 83
Dimensions (cm): 50x17x10 – Scale 1:20
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Inside the package you will find:
– Welcome to WONDER and recommendations in Spanish and English to enjoy the experience.
– Templates with all the pieces and their respective numbering.
– Complementary instructions in Spanish and English.
– Illustrated brochure with dinosaur information in Spanish and English.
Adjustable angle parts: jaw, left front leg and neck (up, down, left, right)

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Dimensions 20 × 16 × 1.5 cm

2 reviews for Parasaurolophus

  1. Andrés (verified owner)

    Hermoso modelo, muy detallado y orgánico.

  2. GalaxyFrog

    Absolutely great model and maybe the best one I have and it is super easy to build.

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