Styracosaurus Model Kit

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Number of pieces: 143
Dimensions (cm): 40x23x10 – Scale 1:15
Difficulty level: Advanced
Angle adjustable parts: 5

This model has been exhibited at the National Museum of Natural History in Santiago de Chile.

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Lo Deseo
Lo Deseo


The ceratopsids are one of the most recognizable large families of dinosaurs, even by those who are not followers of these creatures. One of the most striking is the Styracosaurus, due to its incredible ruff (crown around the skull) full of horns, and as if that were not enough, for its large horn on the nasal cavities whose maximum length is unknown.

This model represents this beautiful species without missing any detail, from the end of the tail to the nasal horn. The skull of our Styracosaurus is a work of art in itself and one of the most elaborate pieces in the entire collection.

The Styracosaurus’s tail can be curved for an even more realistic look. The skull has an articulated jaw from side to side, it can be placed in three positions (left, center and right) and from top to bottom in two positions, so that it can be arranged in the pose that you like the most. Includes spare parts in case you lose any.

Number of pieces: 143
Dimensions (cm): 40x23x10 – Scale 1:15
Difficulty level: Advanced
Inside the package you will find:
– Welcome to WONDER and recommendations in Spanish and English to enjoy the experience.
– Templates with all the pieces and their respective numbering.
– Complementary instructions in Spanish and English.
– Illustrated brochure with dinosaur information in Spanish and English.
Adjustable angle parts: jaw, neck (left, right, up, down) and tail in 2 sections.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 2.5 cm

3 reviews for Styracosaurus Model Kit

  1. Sebastian

    The first ever Ceratopsian from Wonder Artistic Models and it is already breath-taking. The Model is relatively easy to build and not that small. The building process is the part, where this dinosaur really shines. Constructing the head is unique and make quite a lot of fun. Furthermore this is one of the most solid models.

  2. Kyle (verified owner)

    This was my first model I brought from wonder artistic models and it was amazing. The quality of the model was better than I would have thought.

  3. Tommaso (verified owner)

    One of the best looking models from Wonder so far in my opinion, particularly the head. The bending pieces both look great and are easy to assemble, plus they are sturdy enough that they can withstand a certain degree of rough handling/bending. The finished model looks very realistic although putting together the nose horn can get a little tedious.

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