Mosasaurus 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Number of pieces: 117
Dimensions (cm): 70x36x25 – Scale 1:25
Difficulty level: Advanced
Angle adjustable parts: 7

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Lo Deseo
Lo Deseo


The Mosasaurus was a marine reptile that dominated the seas of the Cretaceous period. Our Mosasaurus model is carefully detailed, arranged in a dynamic pose that gives the impression that it is about to attack prey.

Its head can be placed in two positions (right or left), it has an articulated jaw and its tail can also be curved to give an even more realistic look.

You can show it off either by posing on the bases or by letting it hang so it looks like it’s in full swim, stalking its next prey. Without a doubt, it is a model that adequately exemplifies the ferocity that this ancient marine predator surely had. Includes spare parts in case you lose any.

Number of pieces: 117
Dimensions (cm): 70x36x25 – Scale 1:25
Difficulty level: Advanced
Inside the package you will find:
– Welcome to WONDER and recommendations in Spanish and English to enjoy the experience.
– Templates with all the pieces and their respective numbering.
– Bases to pose it.
– Additional spare parts.
– Thread to hang it.
– Complementary instructions in Spanish and English.
– Illustrated brochure with information on the species in Spanish and English.
Adjustable angle parts: jaw, neck (left, right) and tail in 5 sections.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 2.5 cm

2 reviews for Mosasaurus 3D Wooden Puzzle

  1. Sebastian

    The Mosasaurus is, in my opinion, one of the best of the whole bunch. It is huge, beautiful and has a the same, if not more, shelf presence than any other large terristrial predator. Additionally the building process was enjoyable and not that hard, as it may seem. Hoping for more marine animals in the future.

  2. Carlos

    incredible Skeleton, was a great challenger to build this model . in the end I saw a perfection and detail of this Sea Monster

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