Ouranosaurus 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Number of pieces: 81
Dimensions (cm): 50x15x10 – Scale 1:16
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Angle adjustable parts: 4

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Lo Deseo
Lo Deseo


Ouranosaurus was an African duck-billed herbivore that lived in the Cretaceous Period. In recent years it has gained popularity among dinosaur fans. Its distinctive feature is a prominent hump that is not overlooked in the design of our model. Its neck and jaw are fully articulated, allowing you to pose it in the most striking poses.

Number of pieces: 81
Dimensions (cm): 50x15x10 – Scale 1:16
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Inside the package you will find:
– Welcome to WONDER and recommendations in Spanish and English to enjoy the experience.
– Templates with all the pieces and their respective numbering.
– Complementary instructions in Spanish and English.
– Illustrated brochure with dinosaur information in Spanish and English.
Angle-adjustable parts: jaw, left front leg, and neck (up, down, left, right)

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 1.5 cm

2 reviews for Ouranosaurus 3D Wooden Puzzle

  1. Sebastian (verified owner)

    My first ever model from Wonder ArtisticModels and what an amazing one. No matter, if you are looking for a easy start in the world of wooden dinosaur skeletons or if you are just a friend of the Ornithopoda family, this one is a perfect choice!

  2. Wensley Jolly (verified owner)

    Lovely looking model. I bought this alongside the Parasaurolophus, the Therizinosaurus, and Juvenile Triceratops.
    It has a very similar build to the Parasaurolophus so the build shouldn’t difficult if you already have either or.

    One thing to be on the look out for is how you slot in the caudal vertebrae (tail bone pieces). They’re easy to break if you slot them in the wrong way or not adjusting them.

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