Therizinosaurus Model Kit

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Number of pieces: 103
Dimensions (cm): 40x32x8 cm – Scale 1:20
Difficulty level: Advanced
Angle adjustable parts: 7

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Lo Deseo
Lo Deseo


Therizinosaurs are one of the most peculiar and striking dinosaurs that have ever existed. Although only fragmentary remains of several species have been discovered, by putting all these fossils together, scientists have managed to make a reconstruction of what each of these animals would have looked like.

The reconstruction of WONDER Artistic Models presents a high level of detail taking into account the characteristics of each one of them, in order to represent the entire Therizinosauridae family with dignity and in a very realistic way.

In this model you will be able to appreciate its wide body, its long neck, its peculiarly small skull and, above all, the enormous claws that characterize them and to which not only the largest of the family, but the entire family, owes its name, since its name means “scythe lizard”, a well-known farming instrument used to mow at ground level.

Like all WONDER models, the Therizinosaurus has several joints that will allow you to customize its pose and give it more life: its tail is divided into 3 sections so you can bend it and give it a higher level of realism, its skull can rotate from right to left and from top to bottom, and the base of its neck has a joint that allows it to be positioned at two different angles.

It also has the new and original tension system, to ensure that it will maintain its posture over time without breaking the harmony of the represented physiognomy.

Number of pieces: 103
Dimensions (cm): 40x32x8 cm – Scale 1:20
Difficulty level: Advanced
Inside the package you will find:
– Welcome to WONDER and recommendations in Spanish and English to enjoy the experience.
– Templates with all the pieces and their respective numbering.
– Complementary instructions in Spanish and English.
– Illustrated brochure with information on the species in Spanish and English.
– Thread.
– Piece of sandpaper.
Adjustable angle parts: jaw, neck in 3 sections (left, right, up, down) and tail in 3 sections (left, right).

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 2 cm

10 reviews for Therizinosaurus Model Kit

  1. Chris Mulligan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! I did end up having to use a little glue (on the neck details and the tail), but aside from that the model is amazing! So thrilled to finally have a skeleton of my favorite dinosaur

  2. Jorge Luis Rangel (verified owner)

    I just get mine here in Mexico and let me tell you, this is a quality product that is worth each cent you pay for it, the process of building it was challenging and rewarding, with plenty of clear instructions. The finished model looks stunning on my desk and I am already thinking on buying another.

  3. Sylvia

    Therizinosaurus is honestly a funky big’ol dinosaur that I absolutely LOVE. I found this model while browsing Pinterest and just had to get it! I just finished putting it together, and had LOTS of fun fitting everything and just giggling like a little kid over how realistic the model is to the fossils! $50 EXTREMELY WELL SPENT!!

  4. Gage Whittle (verified owner)

    It’s so crazy I found my favorite dinosaur available for construction out of all the options, I just finished building it this morning and definitely plan on getting more, it took me a little while to figure out all the instructions and sometimes getting the pieces together was a little tough, but I couldn’t expect a better product!

  5. Melissa Veldheer (verified owner)

    I bought this model for my son who loves dinosaurs. As soon as the package arrived at our door at the end of the day, he was desperate to open it up and put together the first model already. He really likes the Therizinosaurus and had so much fun with it. It was a challenging build, especially the hips. Overall though, it was a good experience. Once he finished this one, he went right to work on the Spinosaurus 2020.

  6. Ross

    Absolutely amazing model of my favorite dinosaur that has a special spot on my shelf. Some spots needed glue to keep stable but for the most part it’s an easy build and the result is absolutely stellar! Definitely will buy another model from here in the future

  7. Colyn (verified owner)

    I had a great time putting this therizinosaurus model together. It went together easily and none of the pieces were falling off. It’s one of my favorite dinosaurs and I love the detail.

  8. Raul Segovia (verified owner)

    Me encantó el modelo! Requiere de paciencia armarlo, pero es toda una experiencia llegar al resultado final. Me lo imaginaba un poco mas grande pero realmente el tamaño es perfecto. Lo tengo en una mesa de centro en mi living! Ya voy por el segundo modelo. Un consejo, pegar las piezas que no se deben mover ya que es muy probable que al mínimo movimiento se caigan.

  9. Wensley Jolly (verified owner)

    I would argue that the Therizinosaurus is among the easier of the advanced models. However, it still has its moments of difficulties. It all depends on which parts you start to build up.

    Nonetheless the end product once built is well worth the effort. You could have it stands alone or among other models and it just looks fantastic.

  10. Charlie Croy (verified owner)

    Great piece for ceiling display

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